3 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s monumental that people are slowly becoming aware of their choices and affect the environment and are changing to make it better. From recycling to using eco-friendly forms of energy, the earth will soon thank you after eliminating carbon footprints. To achieve the goal, however, you need to do everything possible. Today, we look at three eco-friendly bathroom ideas you can implement at your home that contributes to the overall goal of achieving an eco-friendly environment.

1. VOC Free Paints, Coating, and Finishes

White paint has proven easier to maintain. However, you can pick new color shades, including red, gray, and others. The one thing to lookout for is the quality of the paint. Ensure it’s VOC free as it can’t damage your health or the environment.

2. Add Technology

It seems ridiculous to put technology and eco-friendly in one line. But hear me out. Due to technological advances, LED lighting in the bathroom is possible. LED lights on your vanity will particularly look sleek. With these new lights, ditch the old bulbs that consume more power. Add a temperature regulator and towel dryer to save energy, money, and water.

 3. Eco-Friendly Cabinets and Vanities

Most bathroom cabinets are constructed using plywood, medium-density fiberboards, and pressed wood. These materials contain formaldehyde that releases harmful gases into the air. Replace these materials with recycled wood, concrete, steel, glass, bamboo, and FSC certified products to design vanities and bathroom cabinets. Interestingly, eco-friendly materials will give your bathroom a look that will blow your mind.

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